Rainy Day Musing

Rainy Day Musing
It started raining yesterday afternoon just before nightfall set in.  Soft drizzly rain began falling at first, as I was putting out the corn for the eight deer that arrive each day around sunset.  I finished putting the corn kernels out in the four or five spots where they gather to eat, play, and listen for anything that might harm them.  I go back into the house for birdseed for the four feeders scattered around the yard as the rain droplets fall in bigger size.  My hair is now wet and the sweatshirt is damp before I can finish my chores for the day.
The water droplets fall like they simply cannot think of anything better to do. There is a laziness about them, as if they can barely be bothered to conform to the will of gravity.  When I hold my bare arms out, the water droplets splatter on my outstretched arms and fingers, glistening them moist instead of being dry like while reading a book in front of the fireplace.  They grow larger but soft, not like the mean dr…

Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, aching, and overall yucky feeling

Sniffing, sneezing, coughing, aching, and overall yucky feeling
Since Christmas I have been feeling under the weather so other than a few trips to the store and the RV show in Atlanta last weekend I have stayed around the house resting and trying to get rid of a nasty bout of sneezing, wheezing, and coughing.  They call it the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine and oddly it’s true.  I’ve felt like crap, take some Nyquil and hopefully feel better.  It may have taken a few days but at least it seems to work.  This cold & flu has lasted over two weeks but finally I’m starting to feel better.  I also burnt my left hand pouring hot coffee but it has finally blistered and started healing so I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.
During this down time I haven’t felt like working on a couple of projects I have going on right now but I did get in a few hours here and there.  I do feed the birds and deer every day (there need…

Adventures not realized . . . Life got in the Way

Adventures not realized . . . Life got in the Way
In high school and beyond there were many more adventures planned and others that I wanted to write about but did not have a chance to put them down.  One was motorcycles, as we both loved them in our youth and with another friend David rode them together many times over the several years before I left for the Army. 
There was the weekend getaway to Panama City Beach, Florida which turned into a several month odyssey trip all the way to the west coast.  Conversations went like this; “We have never been to Mobile and there is the USS Alabama battleship in port, let’s go see it.”  Then the next day it was . . . “Never been to New Orleans what do you think?”  It went on and on till that trip ended.  I remember getting to California that first time and seeing the sky turn brownish in color and looking like it was going to rain.  After a couple days and as we approached Los Angeles we stopped for gas and finally asked someone when it was …

Triple H Skydiving Club - Locust Grove, Georgia

Triple H Skydiving Club Locust Grove, Georgia Also Greene County Skydiving Club McDonough, Georgia – I-75
After my discharge from the U.S. Army I returned home and Johnny and I resumed our adventures.  While I was in the service Johnny had married my first cousin Debbie after she graduated school and moved to Atlanta to work for GMAC.  They reconnected and as they say the “rest of the story” is their history together.

Johnny was skydiving with Triple H skydiving club in Locust Grove, Georgia and invited me to go along.  I went through the ground school training that morning and made my first static line jump.  After all the static line jumps (5) were made Johnny, Debbie and I spent almost every weekend the weather was good at the drop zone.

There was another drop zone close by just off Interstate 75 in McDonough called Greene County but that drop zone was within the Terminal Control Area (TCA) of Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport so many of the jumps there were limited to lowe…

Aunt Betty, Gone on Ahead

Aunt Betty Gone on Ahead
My Aunt Betty, who Johnny and I visited many times in our adventures passed away yesterday in north Florida.  It was a cold but beautiful morning that she never realized was happening around her.  For the last ten years Alzheimer’s had stolen the beautiful woman that I knew in my youth.  It took from her the spirit and funny person that our family knew.  It stripped her of her pride and I’m sure her vanity over these last years, AZ is such a terrible disease.
In passing she is survived by brothers and a sister (mama), sons and daughters, grandkids, nieces and nephews (me).  The shell she became is gone but I will remember Betty as the fun loving and funny aunt that I took the Southern Crescent train to Florida each summer to spend time camping on Pensacola Beach, exploring Perido Key and having fun with my cousins.


Cocoa Beach, Florida - Somewhere on A1A

Cocoa Beach, Florida Somewhere on A1A
Johnny and I made our way up to the Kennedy Space Center and spent the day doing tours and looking at the exhibits on the grounds.  The tour bus excursion included going out to the launch complex 39A & B where the Apollo moonshots would lift off.  The complex of roads leading the rocket crawler from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad was massive.  The last section on each pad was a ramp to the pad tower.  It took over 24 hours to move a rocket the 3 miles to ready it for launch.

The tour took us to the old Mercury/Gemini control room where one building housed all the computers for the lift-off.  Today’s computer or iPad could probably handle all the work of the many computers during those launches.  In another building was the control room where men sat giving commands and communicating with the spacecraft during its flight.  It was amazing seeing the consoles we had only seen on television before. 
After spending the day at the s…

Hollywood Beach - US A1A

Hollywood Beach, Florida US A1A
“There’s somethin’ about this Sunday
It’s a most peculiar gray
Strollin’ down the avenue
That’s known as A1A.”
— from Jimmy Buffett’s
Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season 

There is the old Florida, that of Highway A1A, where the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and there is no such thing as “in a hurry.”  It is best enjoyed slowly.  On our trip coming from Key West, Johnny and I were heading up the east coast to visit Cape Kennedy and the Kennedy Space Center.  From my car window somewhere along Highway A1A, between the towns of Miami and Fort Lauderdale Beach, the Atlantic Ocean and its sugar-soft dunes glide by in a dizzying landscape of colors and textures.  There is the beach, its sand polished to copper and ginger by billions of fragments of coquina shells, and beyond that the Atlantic Ocean, luscious in pastels of green and blue, and beyond that only the curvature of the earth.
Johnny and I meander around Miami Beach and in late afternoon p…